Amberstar is a speckled brown she-cat with red-ginger paws and brown eyes.

Family Edit

Dame: Violet - Living (Elder)

Sire: Spiderweb - Deceased (Verified StarClan member)

Siblings: Duskflower - Living (Warrior)

Shadefur - Living (Warrior)

Blackkit - Deceased (Verified StarClan member)

Brightflower - Living (Warrior)

Ravenstar - Deceased (Verified StarClan member)

Falconfang - Living (Warrior)

Blacksong - Living (Medicine Cat)


Sapphiresong - Living (Elder)

Sparklestep - Living (Senior Warrior)

Vanillapelt - Deceased (Verified StarClan member)

Mate: Hawktalon - Living (Warrior)

Daughters: Mothflight - Living (Warrior)

Shadowpelt - Living (Warrior)

Son: Brambletalon - Living (Warrior)

Grand-sire: Graystorm - Desceased (Suspected StarClan member)

Grand-dame: Belle - Status Unknown (Most Likely Deceased)

Aunts: Magicstep - Deceased (Verified StarClan member)

Bobbie - Living (Queen)

Sasha - Living (Senior Warrior)

Great-uncle: Eagleflight - Deceased (Verified StarClan member)

Nieces: Willowtail - Living (Warrior)

Foxpelt - Living (Warrior)

Frostpelt - Living (Warrior)

Silverwing - Living (Queen)

Nightheart - Living (Warrior)

Nephews: Crowflight - Living (Warrior)

Bluecloud - Living (Warrior)

Breezetail - Living (Warrior)

Jayflight - Living (Warrior)

Cloudpelt - Living (Warrior)

Smokeheart - Living (Warrior)

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