Angelkit is a pretty black she-kit with bright green eyes

Family Edit



Siblings: Lotuskit

Beachclan Edit

Angelkit was born to darkfang and Moonlotus in beachclan.

Brackenpaw falls in love with her soon after he joins...Billowpaw teases them a lot. not much is heard from her after.

After the terrible fire in beachclan, it was suspected she'd died. Leaving Brackenpaw(soon after Brackenstorm) exremely upset.

Waterfallclan Edit

She is mentioned by Brackenstorm for a brief moment.

Mapleclan Edit

When Peacesong leaves Brackenstorm in Mapleclan, He mentions Angelkit again.

Mythclans Edit

Angelkit appears ater Brackenstorm, Eveningswift, billowheart  are reincarnated. this time, she appears with Mossnose. Still being a kit. Brackenpaw told her she was ready to be an apprentice, but she said she was still a kit.

Pebblefoot tells her Brackenpaw really liked her. she replies"I know, and that makes me feel good"

does she like him back?

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