One-Leader of the Council

Past Afflications

Kittypet, Loner, RiverClan, ShadowClan

Current Afflication

The Council of the Elements


Rosie (Mother), Dart (Father), Indigo (Sister), End (Mate), Song (Kit)


Whisperear (In RiverClan), Tearice (In ShadowClan)




Ancient Powers, by Shigura


The Sorrow Begins, Blood Shall Flow, Everything will End, Fire will Freeze (Mentioned), Red on White, Powers of Darkness

Past Names

Whitepaw (RiverClan), Stormpaw (ShadowClan)


Revival, Teleporting, Seeing the Past, Seeing the Dead, Storm-Control

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Antoinette is a pure white she-cat with cold icy blue eyes.

Before Ancient Powers Edit

Antoinette was born to two Kittypets, Rosie and Dart. Antoinette had one sibling, who her Twolegs called Indigo. Antoinette was soon taken away by her father, to live in the forest when he discovered that her Twolegs were planning to separate them. Antoinette was abandoned in RiverClan territory, and was taken in by Whisperear, the Deputy.

Antoinette was given the name Whitepaw, due to her white fur, and was trained in the way of Apprentices. After a few days, Antoinette felt as if she didn't belong in RiverClan. She fled towards ShadowClan territory, and due to the fact she didn't smell like RiverClan, was given the name Stormpaw, and a new mentor, Tearice. Antoinette could not bear the responsabilities of being in a Clan, and therefore fled to become a loner.

After many moons of living on her own, Antoinette was approached by End, the two-leader of the Council of the Elements, and was offered a place within the Council. She eagerly accepted, and was brought to the Elemental Rock. After moons of being the representative for the Loners, Kittypets and Rogues, Antoinette was given the spot as Two-Leader when the current One-Leader, Era, died, giving the spot to End.

Role In Ancient Powers - Set One Edit

Antoinette is first seen during the Prologue of "The Sorrow Begins", when Rushstar notes that he saw a "She-cat step forward, close her eyes, and the cats dissappear". She is later seen sharing tongues with Tigerstar and Bloodpaw. Later in the book, she cat-naps Ruinpaw and Blazepaw for Tigerstar.

She is seen in Book Two during Chapter Two, announcing that she is bearing End's kits. She is later seen threatening Snow when she rescues Ruinpaw and Blazepaw.

Antoinette is seen briefly in book 3, after End's death. She takes his place as One-Leader, and convinces nearly every cat that Blazepaw and Ruinpaw are spies for the Clans of the Lakeside.

Role in Ancient Powers - Set Two Edit

Antoinette is mentioned briefly by Brighttalon and Fleetpaw when they tell Ruinpaw, Blazepaw and Snow that Antoinette "dropped all her battle plans immediately to seek them out".

Role in Ancient Powers - Set Three Edit

Antoinette is seen in Book 8 when Blazepaw re-enters the Council. (More to come as New Books are published to WFW!)

Spoilers end here.

Trivia Edit

  • Antoinette and the original 5 leaders' names form a cute little easter egg; Antoinette, End, Iris, Ore and Ur.

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