Appleheart is a ginger and white spotted she-cat with blue eyes.

Appleheart's historyEdit

Appleheart was born to Springstar and Snakeheart. Her brother was Gingerkit but died just a few moments after he was born. While Appleheart was growing up alot of toms liked her but she wasn't intrested. When she became a warrior the toms left her alone because they knew they would never have a shot with her. Appleheart now surves her clan well by protecting and hunting for her clan.



Mother: Springstar

Father: Snakeheart (Desesed)

Uncle: Ferretfang

Grandfather: Greenstar (Desesed)

Brother: Gingerkit (Desesed)


|      Greenstar - - - Unknown she-cat
            |             |
        Ferretfang    Springstar - - - Snakeheart
                             |             |
                         Appleheart     Gingerkit

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