Applesong is a pretty, calico she-cat with a white chest and many, many scars of fights with bears.


Mate: Lynxmask

Brother: Weaselslash


Father: Never mentioned

Kits:Ricepelt, Havensong


Mentor:... I forgot, but I'll mention it when I remember!

Pre-Shaken HeartsEdit

Applesong, then Applepaw, was the main progantinist of this book, was first introduced as Shallowpaw woke her up, prodding her side, waking Mountainpaw when Shallowpaw fell as Applepaw dodged her. When her mentor was tired with the dawn patrol, he told her to go visit her brother and to train at sunhigh, and she thinks, "That's as fun as squashing bugs", but she was closely bonded with him. She agrees and goes to Weaselpaw's den. Once there, they go into conversation. Weaselpaw, at the end, askes sheepishly if she'd go and put mouse bile on Cartagewing's, an elder, den.

-continued soon-


She was named "Appleheart" originally from Fieldstar, though when she gave out a huge and moving speech in her bandages and scars, she decided to name Applesong "Applesong", because of her woven words, like a song.

He best friend is Lilystone.

Lilystone and her both liked Lynxmask, though she didn't as much as Lilystone did.

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