Aspenclaw (Aspenpaw) is a gray-brown tabby tom with thin stripes and turquiose eyes.


Sister: Flakewind

First's TimeEdit

Aspenclaw is depicted as a kit, about to become an apprentice. He was not resentful to have Eveningpaw to join the clan, and they, along with his sister, had the same day for their apprentice ceremony. It is noticed that only his and Flakepaw's names were chanted, and that no one really chanted for Eveningpaw except for her mentor, Rushmountain, and Brinepaw, his eyes shining. It may be that he and Brinepaw had an argument or something, because whenever he was around the area, Aspenpaw's eyes seemed to gleam.


He was based off of a cat named Aspenpaw in Beachclan, never to be heard of again. Eveningswift, the creator of First's Time, remembered him as a loyal friend and made him into a character of her story.

It is revealed that he is in love with Eveningpaw.

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