Affiliation: CliffClan
Status: Medicine Cat




Medicine Cat:

Bell that Rings on Breeze (Bell)

Bell that Rings on Breeze (Bell)



Description: blue-gray fur with light golden speckles and iridecent blue eyes.






Cottonfleck (formerly)

Frostpaw, Freezepaw

Bubble that Sprays from Mist (Bubble)
Claw of Trashing Bear (Claw)

Cinder from Smoking Fire (Cinder)

Cherry, Storm


Willowfeather Smallpaw, Angelflight

Appearances: The Arrow in the Heart

Wishing You Well Justice For All

Warning! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.


In the The Continued Brillance of the Cliffs SeriesEdit

The Arrow in the HeartEdit

Bellsound makes her first appearance in this book.

She is shown as the medicine cat apprentice of CliffClan. When Cherry and Storm come and try to get help from the Clans, she is reconized and revealed to be a former Tribe cat. Bellpaw denies everything, but still comes along with her mentor, Willowfeather, and two other warriors from CliffClan (Daybreak and Cherrytail).

Bellpaw then is taken captive by the healer; Rainwatcher. Rainwatcher tells her that Claw of Thrashing Bear (Cherry's father) is her father too. Bellpaw leaves the Tibe after this, with Willowfeather looking at her with an stricken expression on her face.

Wishing You WellEdit

Bellpaw does not appear herself, only mentioned by the dying Rainwatcher as the cat she would want to take over the Tribe, and not Firewatcher.

Justice For AllEdit

Bellpaw participates in the battle between CliffClan and ShadedClan, and after the battle she assists Willowfeather in healing the injured leader Featherstar.

She then rescues her sister Cinder, and protests with Featherstar to allow her to stay. Bellpaw watches mornfully as Cinder is banished from CliffClan.

Her, Daybreak, Willowfeather, Cherrytail and Smallpaw try to liberate the rouges and loners that EchoClan have captive, and she witnesses Smallpaw die in the eventing battle.

She blames herself for his death.

Also, during the last chapter, she is seen as the medicine cat, named Bellsound, with a new apprentice, Angelflight.

It also reveals she had Cottonfleck's two kits: Frostkit and Frozenkit.



Frostpaw: Living (As of Justice for All)
Frozenpaw: Living (As of Justice for All)


Bubble that Sprays from Mist: Deceased, Comfirmed Tribe of Endless Hunting member


Claw of Trashing Bear: Deceased, Comfirmed Tribe of Endless Hunting member


Storm: Living (As of Justice for All)
Cherry: Living (As of Justice for All)
Cinder: Living (As of Justice for All)

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