Blackscar is a black tom with one white right ear, a white tail-tip, a scar on his right flank, and pale-yellow eyes.

History Edit

Blackscar is the cat who tells Icethroat that he is her and Sunstorm's father, as well as Moonshine and Spottedwish's father. Blackscar tells Icethroat all about the former four Clans that were destroyed by an earthquake, and that now, WingClan should be safe. Blackscar tells Icethroat that the reason Lilystripe and Blackscar broke up is because Lilystripe has some fantasy about all of the territories being unsafe, but that Blackscar thinks they will all be fine, and in the end Lilystripe decided to just leave him one day. Blackscar tells Icethroat not to worry, and that everything will be fine.

Icethroat later discovers, after Oakpaw, Gingerheart, and Brownpaw's deaths, that Blackscar was wrong, that Lilystripe was right, and it is understood why Lilystripe broke up with Blackscar.

Blackscar's current whereabouts are unknown, but it is highly suggested by Oakpaw that he now lives in StarClan along with Spottedwish. It is also said by Oakpaw that Flarefang, Gingerheart, and Fireflash are Blackscar's half-sisters, but Icethroat chooses to never tell the three this.

Family Edit

Half-Sisters: Flarefang, Gingerheart, and Fireflash

Daughters: Icethroat, Moonshine, Spottedwish

Sons: Sunstorm

Granddaughters: Rainpaw and Dapplepaw

Grandsons: Cloverpaw

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