Blossom is a beautiful, slender light brown tabby loner she-cat with pale green eyes and a black nose

Family Edit

Mate(s)- Pebblestream - living as of Changing Seasons

Scarface - status unknown

Kits - Fox living as of Changing Seasons

Mint living as of Changing Seasons

Mist deceased, suspected StarClan member

Dusty living as of Changing Seasons

Brother- Tiger - living as of Changing Seasons

Blossom's biography Edit

She is first seen in Friend or Foe during Pebblestream's point of view, walking along the fence with her brother, Tiger. He sees her as a beautiful, slender she-cat and falls in love with her. As she talks quietly to her brother, Pebblestream shyly greets her and introduces himself. As a handsome young tom, Blossom falls in love with him too. He is called back to camp and he leaves her. One night, both cats sneak out of their homes and visit each other and get to know each other. The next moon, Blossom realizes she is pregnant and goes to the Clan for help. Pebblestream eagerly greets her, and the Clan is suspicious afterwards. After she has her kits, she takes them back to her home with her brother. She names them Mint, Mist, and Fox. While playing Truth or Dare, Mist is dared to go into the forest, grab a beetle and run back. As she does so, a fox attacks her and leaves her dead. Blossom and her surviving kits are grieved. Shortly, after Scarface was exiled from MeadowClan for betraying, he meets Blossom and they fall in love. They have one kit, Dusty. She is never mentioned again after that.

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