Blossompaw is a pretty calico she-cat with pale green eyes.


Brothers: Jaypaw, Owlpaw

Mother: Leafwing

Two of the ThreeEdit

Drifting SteadilyEdit

She is a very minor character, showing Brightkit around camp with Owlpaw and Jaypaw, her brothers.

Snarling RedEdit

She is very fond of Foxpaw. They do training together, and when they were fighting SlopeClan, she saves his life.

Her mother, Leafwing, notices their love, but she does not want her daughter to be associating with someone of Flightwing's and Stripestorm's kit, as they were not very bright. Blossompaw does not care.

Is BrightEdit

Blossompaw's warrior name is revealed to be Blossomfrost, for her sharp thoughts.

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