Bluestripe is a white tom with silver tabby stripes and blue eyes. He is a major character in the fanfiction Rise of StoneClan. Before he was part of StoneClan, he was a ThunderClan cat.


Mysterious ClansEdit

Rise of StoneClanEdit

Bluestripe first appears in the first chapter of the story. While still in ThunderClan, his sister, Vinetail, wakes him up to go train his apprentice, Moonpaw. More soon


Sister: Vinetail-Living(as of Shining Light)

Mate: Bloomingflower-Living(as of Shining Light)

Son: Oceanheart-Deceaced(suspected StarClan member)

Daughters: Dawnstorm-Living(as of Shining Light)

Silverclaw-Deceaced(verified Place of no Stars member)

Grandsons: Bluebramble-Living(as of Shining Light)

Twigkit-Living(as of Shining Light)

Granddaughters: Pondwhisker-Living(as of Shining Light)

Whiskerpaw-Living(as of Shining Light)

Greenkit-Living(as of Shining Light)

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