Brackentooth is a long-limbed light brown tabby tom with dark patches, with green eyes.


Not mentioned

Life is Swift and IcyEdit

Too Much SunEdit

He finds Icepaw on SlopeClan territory, with a patrol. He sees her first and tries to signal her and Tumblepaw to leave, but she just sticks out her tongue. Infuriated, he tells his patrol. Icepaw thinks he looks really cute when he was angry.

He thought that Icepaw was really cool, though.

He sees her at the gathering, and they get along, though it is awkward. He, along with her, is annoyed with Tumblepaw's unruliness.

Shade, Haven, and LoveEdit

He is the reason for the name.

When he saw Icepaw upset at the gathering, he comforted her, though it was still very skin-deep with them.

Icepaw runs away to Slopeclan, and she doesn't tell him why. He seems glad that she came, though.


He is a great hunter, which made him don his name of Brackentooth. He is also a great fighter, and his specialty is to grasp and bite the side of the neck, not the jugular.

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