WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Brightkit is a pretty, longhaired white she-cat with silver swirls and bright yellow eyes.


Mother: Flightstream

Father: Stripestorm

Siblings: Foxkit, Driftkit

Two of the ThreeEdit

Drifting SteadilyEdit

In this book, everything's going normally and fine (Drifting Steadily). Brightkit has the second biggest role in the book, Driftkit being the first.

She is seen a lot with Owlpaw, her friend. Driftkit disapproves their friendship, because he thinks it's going somewhere else.

Brightkit also told Frostkit, her friend, that she liked Jaypaw.

When she and her siblings found out that Flightstream and Stripestorm only had two kits, in the fire, she's the only one who doesn't really care. It only mattered that they loved them, and that they're in peace, she notes. But Foxkit and Driftkit disagreed.

Brightkit is very lofty, but bright and caring.

She is then apprentied to Buzzardstorm, and they get along very well. Driftpaw is jealous of Brightpaw's mentor.

Snarling RedEdit

Brightpaw and Buzzardstorm find the cause of the fire- twoleg camp.

She attends the ShoneClan-SlopeClan fight, and Jaypaw saves her life. She is then talking to him a lot, though it is noticed that it is slightly awkward around. OK, fine, really awkward.

She and Owlpaw don't talk any more.

Frostkit is Frostpaw, and she is the first to cheer.

Brightpaw and Foxpaw spy on Leafwing lecturing her kits. She manages to calm Foxpaw down enough so he won't give them away when Leafwing angers him.

Driftpaw has a fighting session with Brightpaw, and she wins.

Is BrightEdit

Brightpaw is the main character in this story, and that is all that will be revealed.

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