Brokenfoot is a brown tabby tom with a twisted paw

History Edit

Brokenfoot was very young when his paw was twisted. There was a fight in the SnowClan camp, and a ShadowClan warrior fell on his paw. Brokenfoot's paw broke, and in his anger, he sank his teeth into the warrior's shoulder. The warrior dashed away quickly. The medicine cat, Mothfoot, tried to fix it, but it never healed right. As a result, he had to train a lot, because of his injury. The other apprentices teased him because he couldn't hunt right. Finally, he showed his fighting abilities, and earned the respect of the other cats in SnowClan. He couldn't fight with one forepaw, so he used his teeth.

His apprentice, Lilypaw, died in a border skirmish when she fell off a cliff.

Brokenfoot later died in a battle with FireClan.

Education Edit

Mentor: Thrushwing, Badgerfur

Apprentice: Lilypaw

Family Edit

Father: Fogmist

Brothers: Littleclaw - Living

                Sparrowflight - Deceased, Suspected Member of StarClan

                Ripplefur - Deceased, Suspected Member of StarClan

Nephews: Wolfclaw - Living

                 Stonefoot - Living

Nieces: Lilypaw - Deceased, Suspected Member of StarClan

             Moonstream - Living

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