Bubblespark is a she-cat with beautiful pure snow white pelt, with silver flecks on her back that look like sparckles under the sunlight or moonlight and ice-blue eyes. She is a rogue, named Bubbles.


Daughter: Sunny

Mate: Unknown.....if you read the series you might find out.....  

Dark SunEdit

She gives birth to Sunny. She seems to be hidding something from her. She teaches a lot to her daughter and seems to be very loving and extremely caring. Sunny convinces her to take her to the Twolegplace. When they get there, she shows her around, like as if she's been there before. They encounter trouble, Daphne, Draco, and Magnet. She defends Sunny and ends up very hurt, bleeding on teh ground as Sunny described it. She disappears and is said to be dead.

The Featherclans: Finchclan Edit

She gives brith to Hiddenkit, thanks to Cinnamon and Indigostar. She's always proud of all the things Hiddenkit accomplishes, specially when she becomes an apprentice.

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