Cinderpaw is a silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Cinderpaw's HistoryEdit

Cinderpaw was born with her brother, Greenpaw, to Silvermoon and Eagleclaw. Cinderpaw and her brother where the only kits in Springclan to be born in Snow-fall so now she and her brother are the only apprenitces. When she became an apprentice her mentor was her uncle, Cricketleap, and her father was chosen to be deputy.



Grand-Father: Barkstripe

Grand-Mother: Nightfall

Father: Eagleclaw

Mother: Silvermoon

Brother: Greenpaw

Aunt: Poppyflight

Uncle: Cricketleap


|		Barkstripe - - - Nightfall		
	     |               |               |
        Poppyflight     Cricketleap	 Eagleclaw - - - Silvermoon
					      |               |
				          Cinderpaw       Greenpaw

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