About Cinderstream:Edit

Name: Cindercloud/Cinderstream/Cinder Flowing Trough The Stream

Clan: Roseclan

Gender: She-cat

Color: Gray-and-white pelt with darker spots on the white.

Mentors: Dewdapple, Leaf Falling Down The Tree and Mousepelt

Rank: Deputy

Past: Medicine, Tribe cat


Father: Redheart (NFC)

Mother: Starshine

Mate: Flamenight (formerly), Bluerain

Grandmothers: Applestar and Nightfeather

Grandfathers: Longfur and Cloudflight

Sisters: Roseclaw and Swiftwing

Sons: Ravensong, Fernleaf and Sorrelmist

Daughters: Poppylight, Silverfire and Blossomfall

Niece: Cherryheart

Nephew: Thunderstrike

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