Note: Since there is already a Clawstar, this one is about a Clawstar of BurnClan in On the Warpath

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Name Clawstar
Affiliation BurnClan
Gender She-cat
Names Leader: Clawstar

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Siblings: Nightpelt

Mate: None

Kits: None


Clawstar is a long furred dark brown she-cat with many battle scars including one over an eye. She is the leader of BurnClan.


Stubborn, and straightforward, this frank she-cat will say what she thinks, and what the truth is whenever the occasion arises. Known for her sharp tongue and wit, it is best not to get into an argument with Clawstar, as she is very tempermental. Wise and caring, she is known to help other cats in need, and has her claws sharpened for battle at any time. Her friend was Whitefoot, and it is known that she felt deeply saddened to see him die, leading to her very large grudge against ShadeClan, and suspicion of any cats coming from that area. Slightly insane, she talks to herself at times about strange things, as well as jumps at any noise that is unexpected.


Mentor: Flowerheart (living as of On the Warpath)

Apprentice(s): Snakebelly (living, as of On the Warpath)

Tornpaw (living, as of On the Warpath)

On the WarpathEdit

Clawstar is first seen in Chapter Two, talking with her sister, Nightpelt before going to talk with Sandfoot, asking what he has seen on his last visit to the Shining Pool. He gives her the dreaded news, and surprisingly, Clawstar remains calm, telling him that she had already heard the prophecy from the old leader before Clawstar- Flamestar. She is seen in various places throughout the book, either ranting about something unusual, or patrolling and stuff like that. A battle goes on in the forest one day, when a rogue named Alec saves her, and whisks her away to his hideout in BurnClan territory, while the clan believes her to be dead, and makes Rivertail, her deputy, the new leader, and Tornpaw recieves a new mentor- Snakebelly, her old apprentice.

Family TreeEdit


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