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  • Creampaw
  • Creamflower
  • Cream-colored fur
  • White paws
  • White tail-tip
  • Happy, bright yellow eyes
  • Kits- Unknown and deceased
Past AffiliationRiverClan
Theme Song
  • 1=My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
  • The Bravest
  • The Fallen
  • Yes
"Why, hello, friend!"
- Creamflower to Cloverstream, The Fallen

"Cloverstream...what...what did you do?"
- Creamflower to Cloverstream, The Fallen

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Book 1: The Bravest Edit

Creamflower is not mentioned by name, but Cloverfang has a vision of a queen getting poisoned by the RiverClan Medicine Cat, Cloverstream.

Book 2: The Fallen Edit

Creamflower appears by name this time, and is apparently poisoned because Cloverstream had had forbidden kits, and Creamflower, then Creampaw, had told on her. This caused the fiesty young apprentice to switch from Medicine Cat apprentice to warrior apprentice. Cloverstream, even after all that time had passed, wanted revenge, and the easiest way was to get rid of the clever queen all together. Thus, she poisoned her using a dangerous mixture of Deathberries, Parsley, and Coltsfoot, all of which are dangerous if over-consumed.

Ice in the Moon Edit

Creamflower appears[1] to ask her murderer, Cloverstream, if she is sorry for murdering her and wants to repent. She snarkly replies no, and without technically meaning to, Creamflower talks about "The Held One" (referring to the prophecy). Ravenstar, a character that first appeared in The Bravest, asks why she did that. Creamflower tells Cloverstream evidence will be planted all over, just for The Held One to see.

Theme Song(s) Edit

1=My Happy Ending

Education Edit

Mentor Cloverstream (for a time), other mentor unknown.
Apprentice(s) Unknown

Quotes Edit

Why, hello, friend! --Creamflower to Cloverstream, The Fallen, The Prologue
Cloverstream...what...what did you do? --Creamflower to Cloverstream, The Fallen, The Prologue
So sorry, Ravenstar. --Creamflower to Ravenstar, Ice in the Moon, Chapter 11

Trivia Edit

In a private interview with User:Cloverfang, she verified that Creamflower had all the right in the world to go with StarClan. This was also mentioned in Interview with Cloverfang! on Warriors Fanfiction Wiki.

Family Edit

Immediate Edit

Kits Unnamed

Family Tree Edit

    Unnamed Kits

References and Citations Edit

  1. Revealed in Ice in the Moon, Chapter 11
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