Cricketleap is a dark brown tom with light brown tips and amber eyes.

Cricketleap's History Edit

Cricketleap was born with his brother and sister, Eagleclaw and Poppyflight in a battle in which his father, Barkstripe, died in. When he was an apprentice he was one oth the apprentices that made fun of the other apprentices but when it came to his brother he backed down and defended him. When his sister became a warrior he was the first to cheer her name and then he realised that he didn't have to be like the others be normal. When he became a warrior he started to hang out with his sister and her friends, Appleheart,Risingflowerand Bumblewhisker. He didn't play with his brothers kits like Poppyflight but now he mentors Cinderpaw.



Father: Barkstripe

Mother: Nightfall

Sister: Poppyflight

Brother: Eagleclaw

Neice: Cinderpaw

Nephew: Greenpaw


|		Barkstripe - - - Nightfall		
	     |               |               |
        Poppyflight     Cricketleap	 Eagleclaw - - - Silvermoon
					      |               |
				          Cinderpaw       Greenpaw

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