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StatusMedicine Cat
  • Crystalkit
  • Crystalpaw
  • Crystalheart
  • White fur
  • Blue eyes
  • Black furry spot on the back of her left ear
  • No Superficial Relatives
Dirty Little Secret
  • Mate- Smokefoot
  • Son- Lightningsparks
  • Mother-in-law- Hawkstar
  • Brother-in-law- Stormclaw
Theme Song
  • ?
  • The Bravest
  • The Fallen
  • Ice in the Moon
  • Courage
  • Dirty Little Secret

"You shouldn't let queens fight!"
- Crystalheart to Hawkstar, The Fallen

"Oh, hush up, you're acting like a kit!"
- Crystalheart to Moonkit, Ice in the Moon

"But? Butt's are for scratching, Moonkit."
- Crystalheart to Moonkit, Ice in the Moon

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Before the Books Edit

It should be noted that in one book, it states that Crystalheart was formerly a warrior, explaining her snappiness/strength as a warrior, and why she's present in so many battles.

Book 1: The Bravest Edit

Crystalheart does not have a big role in this book except for that she mourns over her dead apprentice, Shadowblaze.

Book 2: The Fallen Edit

She has a larger role in this book, at first snappy and saying she wants to retire, despite the fact she is young.
She tries to save Ravenpaw before he dies, but has to leave for the battle with LavaClan.
She announces that Cloverfang is pregnant, and she gets angry at Hawkstar because quote "You shouldn't let queens fight!"
She helps Honeypelt give birth to three healthy, beautiful kits.
Since Frostpool, her new apprentice, is unwilling to try and do medicine cat stuff since she hates herself for losing Ravenflight, she fires Frostpool from her position, and she must carry on to be a warrior.
Crystalheart mentions several times that she used to be a warrior.

Book 3: Ice in the Moon Edit

Crystalheart chases Moonkit out of her den, snapping angrily at her when Moonkit makes a suggestion.
She also happens to heals Moonkit when Icekit injures her.
Crystalheart pushes Bluetooth off of Cloverfang and the nursery, saving many cat's lives.
Crystalheart is present when Lizardcloud gives birth.

Book 4: Courage Edit

Crystalheart is somewhat mad during Birdpaw's apprentice ceremony. She states that a cold season ago, she wouldn't have wanted an apprentice, but now she does.
Crystalheart bugs Moonpaw about her "death", and later probes cats about if they believe in reincarnation or not, seemingly believing Moonpaw was reincarnated in the same body, but as a different cat, though this is not so.

Misc. Dirty Little Secret Edit

The deaths' in this story are not tied to The Bravest series.
Crystalheart is not mentioned by name, except the author states that it is her.
The story tells of a time when Crystalheart was going to see her mate from RiverClan, Smokefoot (possibly the Smokefoot from Erin Hunter, yet he has not died in the actual books, or it could just be The Bravest Smokefoot, which is more likely), and he falls to his death, by the edge of a cliff. There is a meeting, and a fight breaks out because of accusations. Crystalheart later is pregnant, and dies, along with one of her two kits. One kit, Lightningkit, lives, and Crystalheart's friend takes care of him. The tale goes on to show that he has met with another cat, Sandleaf, and he is not going to make the mistake his parent's made.

Education Edit

Mentor Unknown
Apprentice(s) Shadowblaze, Frostpool

Theme Song(s) Edit


Quotes Edit

You shouldn't let queens fight! - Crystalheart to Hawkstar, The Fallen, Chapter 4
Oh, hush up, you're acting like a kit! - Crystalheart to Moonkit, Ice in the Moon, Chapter ?
But? Butt's are for scratching, Moonkit. - Crystalheart to Moonkit, Ice in the Moon, Chapter ? you believe in it? - Crystalheart to Lionclaw, Courage, Chapter 5

Trivia Edit

  • Crystalheart is named in honor of Cloverfang's friend in real life.
  • Crystalheart was originally going to die in The Bravest for unknown reasons.

Family Edit

Immediate Edit

Unknown as of Courage

Family Tree Edit

The Bravest Edit

None, for no known relatives

Dirty Little Secret Edit

                         / \
                Stormclaw  Smokefoot--------------Crystalheart
                                        ?        Lightningsparks------Sandleaf
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