Cypresskit is a charming gray and white tom with honeyish green eyes and a bronze paw and tail tip.


Mother: Eveningswift

Father: Bronzestripe

Sister: Bengalkit

Uncles: Billowheart, Ocelotclaw


Cypresskit is born to Eveningswift and Bronzestripe, along with his sister, Bengalkit. He is noted to have a musical voice and is amusing.

Rosekit likes him. When she was taken by a rogue for to be taught evil, Mosskit and he chase after him. The rogue ends up squashed and killed by a monster, while Mosskit goes unharmed. Rosekit's leg bleeds bad, while Cypresskit's leg is nearly broken.

Rosekit is more in the romantic side to him, and it is unclear whether he wants to return her affections, though it is thought that he doesn't.

He admired Orchidleaf a bit.

He seems to like Sunnykit and is very friendly to Indigokit.

-on hold-

The Dawn of Dusk is NoonEdit

Here, he is the son of Barrenclan's warrior, Bronzestripe, and Swayclan's warrior, Eveningswift. He is not aware that he is half-clan.

His mentor is revealed as Brineminnow, his mother's closest friend in Swayclan. He shows no resentment towards his (revealed in this book) romance's son.

Cypresspaw is the main character in this book, next to Noonpaw, whom he shows to be more fond of towards the end of the book. When Noonpaw joined the clan, he was at first wary of her outsideness, but then softens up as he realizes on what kind of cat she was.

His best friend is Talonpaw, who unfortunately and apparently resents Noonpaw for some reason, perhaps because of her un-purebloodness. Whenever this subject pops up, something unknown inside him stirrs feebly, and he doesn't know the feeling it was called.

-on hold-


He wants his name to be Cypressheart when he grows up.

He was either going to be named Ashkt or Cypresskit, but Eveningswift chose Cypresskit.

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