Cypressclaw, is, in Eveningpaw's opinion, a "handsome" golden tom with brown streaks in his fur and pale cyan eyes.


Cypressclaw loves to fool around. He's actually really smart, but is just too laid back to be really serious. But when he's serious, he's serious. Eveningswift reckons that he's really deep, but she's not so sure herself. :)


Twin Brother, Cyanstorm


Apprentice Academy Edit

See Eveningswift

Cyresspaw and Cyanpaw tease and joke around a lot, hate and wrestle each other in a brotherly way. He seems to be very close to Eveningpaw and Maplepaw, but seems to like Eveningpaw. He's always stony when she's around Gravelstripe. Billowpaw, Acornpaw, and some other very, very obnoxious and very "bad" toms are his friends, but since he's good friends with Eveningpaw (and she disapproves of them) he's not being so crazy that much.

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