Dapplepaw is a dappled pale gray she-cat with amber eyes and a plumey sweeping tail

Education Edit

Mentor: Icefire - living as of Changing Seasons

Family Edit

Father- Falconwing - deceased, verified StarClan member

Mother- Poppypelt - deceased, verified StarClan member

Sister- Mallowleaf - living as of Changing Seasons

Dapplepaw's Biography Edit

Young Dapplepaw and her sister, Mallowleaf were born to Falconwing and Poppypelt. Her mother soon ran away from her Clan due to unknown reasons, leaving her and Mallowkit motherless. Skycloud suckled the two kits. Soon after hunting, she and her sister return to the Clan. Dapplepaw tells Skycloud she isn't feeling well, but suddenly her legs buckle out from under her and she dies immediatly. Mallowpaw and Skycloud are devastated and the Clan is shocked.

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