Dapplepaw is a silver she-cat with dark-silver paws, ears, and tail, and green eyes. She is an apprentice of WingClan, and her warrior name will be Dapplethorn.

History Edit

Dapplepaw has only been an apprentice for almost a moon now, so not much is known about her except that she is daughter of Sunstorm and Leafburn, apprenticed to her mother, and her sister is Rainpaw and her brother is Cloverpaw.

Family Edit

Mother: Leafburn

Father: Sunstorm

Sister: Rainpaw

Brother: Cloverpaw

Aunts: Icethroat, Moonshine, and Spottedwish

Grandmother: Lilystripe

Grandfather: Blackscar

Great-Aunts: Flarefang, Gingerheart, and Fireflash

Mentor: Leafburn

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