Darkfeather is a dark gray tom with a blue underbelly, and a blue pach over right eye and a tabby striped tail

Yes: TOM.

Family Edit

Dame: Flower

Sire: Tigerfoot

Siblings: Pebblestorm, Brackenstorm, Blackfire

Clouded Skies Edit

In this one, Darkfeather was chosen by StarClan to be leader of his Clan, RainClan. StarClan granted him his nine lives and gave him his name Darkstar. But after RainClan was destroyed by a flood and Darkstar lost eight lives to the flood. Soon, he was the only survivor and he changed his name back to Darkfeather, forgetting the horrible things that happened that day.

Waterfall... Edit

Darkfeather isn't mentioned a lot but it is noted that Tawnybird has a big crush on him. She becomes his mate later on...

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