Darkmoon is a massive black tom with amber eyes, white paws, and extremely long saber-like claws. He is the leader of Darkclan and the creator of the four clans of Warriors Shadow of the Storm.





Kits:Lighningbolt ,Flameclaw ,Snowstorm

Education: Leafbranch, One-ear

Trainees: Mintleaf


Darkening moon

Darkmoon is first seen as a young rouge cat knows as Dark. His siblings are Moon and Saber. Their parents are One-ear, And Leafbranch. They eventually move from their home and free a ton of cats from the captivity of No-claws. They travel to find their new home near a huge lake. They split into three groups. Each led by Darkmoon’s adopted children, Blaze, light, and river, Darkmoon and his family as well as his mate and closest friend join that group too. As they travel to their territory they meet a group of cats. Who join their system and call themselves Mudclan. Then Blazemoon’s mind becomes corrupt and he tries to take over the other clan along with his mate and deputy. Both are killed by Darknight, and Sabertooth, Who become Darkmoon and Saberstar. Darkmoon takes on a trainee and then sickness hits the clan. Four cats die before the sickness can be healed by their Healer Moonstone. Lightclan is also attacked by Mudclan and Darkclan aids them in taking Mudclan down. Mudclan strikes back at Darkclan inrevenge and it is revealed that Blazemoon is still alive. He has created Deathclan: An alliance of Mudclan and Rouges. They challenge the other clans to a battle. Witch is ended when Darkmoon brutally slaughters blaze moon. The remaining Deathclan cats join mudclan under their new leader Swampmoon. The original leader Mudmoon is also killed in the battle. The book ends when Darkmoon’s mate Whiteleaf gives birth to his kits: Lightningbolt, Flameclaw, and Snowstorm.

The pack of death Coming soon

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