Darkscar is a pure black with grey eyes and a thin long tail, he got into a fight and got three long scars by his eye he was ordered to stay in the shadows by Tigerstar in a dream, thus the black background

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

History Edit

In the Wildness Series Edit

The Secrets

Darkkit was the second litter of Stonetail along with his sisters Shinekit and Flowerkit, he was the one who killed the dog with Wishkit Dreamkit and his sisters. He gets apprenticed to Brambleclaw and in his first secion he was asked to give Brambleclaw what he's got. Darkpaw knew that Brambleclaw would dodge and he blocked it pinning Brambleclaw down. When Brambleclaw yells at him when it ges to rough he tries to make it up to him. Darkpaw climbs up a big oak tree and kills an owl almost killing himself. Tigerstar aprears to him saying that he is strong and that he does not need much training. That day Darkpaw showed the clan the owl proudly, Tawnystar praised him. That very night in his dream Tigerstar told him Starclan doesn't matter and that he could rule over them Darkpaw is angry and he yowls at Tigerstar Is this what I a bound to come to!. Darkpaw doesn't seem to like the idea and wakes up. He seems to really like Wishpaw and when the loner Rain comes he is very ofencive to him and he thinks that Rain now Rainpaw would take Wishpaw away from him. He fights alot with Rainpaw and when they had the battle with Shadowclan when they find the rich herb place in the middle of the clans territories they fought the most and sent Wishpaw crying away when he went back to the camp Rainpaw slashed three long scars around his eye area. Darkpaw is countinuesly visited by Tigerstar giving him ideas to take over the clans. Tigerstar did one visit where Darkpaw refused to listen to him, and Tigerstar forced him to go into the shadows shortly after that he became a warrior along with his siblings. When Wishshine and Raintail became mates Darkscar is horribly sad but Dreamcatcher comforts him then they eventulley become mates. When Wishshine tells them she is pregnant he and Dreamcatcher smile and Raintail and him are getting along better.

Quotes Edit

Is this what I am bound to come to! Darkscar to Tigerstar

Family Edit

Mother Stonetail:Living as of The Secrets

Father Fishslash: Status Unknown

SistersFluffpelt:Living as of The Secrets Flowerfur:Living as of The Secrets, Shineheart:Living as of The Secrets

Brother Singleear:Living as of The Secrets

Mate Dreamcatcher:Living as of The Secrets

Tree Edit

  |          |        |         |          |              
Fluffpelt Singleear Flowerfur Shineheart Darkscar----Dreamcatcher

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