Darktalon is a black gray and white tom with green eyes

family Edit




Mate:Rainmist(Formerly) Jadestone(formerly) Silverstream     (whoa thats a lot)

Kits:Wolfkit and Hazelkit

Mythclans Edit

Darkkit was born to Leafshade and Runningwind in Leopardclan along wit his sister Nightkit.

He soon has a small crush on Silverkit,

when he becomes an apprentice, Rainpaw starts to have a crush on him

Darkpaw seems to like Rainpaw a little making Silverpaw jealous and homocidal(Xd)

Darktalon, as a warrior, becomes Rainmist(Paw)'s mate but soon breaks up with her because of Silversteam.

Darktalon soon gets the message Silverstream no longer likes him. Jadestone falls in love with him.

he and Jadestone are mates for a short while.

Then break-up again

Darktalon mentioned he never liked any cat except Silverstream(so touching...)

Then, he overhears Silverstream talking to Scarmask about expecting kits. At first, Darktalon thought the kits were Oakflame's(He saw they were quite close in the last moon) but then, Silverstream tells him they were actually his kits, and she was very close to giving birth to them.

Hazelkit and Wolfkit are born soon after, Oakflame was slightly upset.

Wolfkit becomes Wolftalon and pairs off with Sagefur

Hazelkit becomes Hazelsplash

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