Dawnmist Edit

Dawnmist is a ginger she-cat with bright blue eyes and a queen of MistClan which is made up.

Clouded Eyes Edit

Dawnmist is seen as a warrior in Clouded Eyes. She makes two appearances total in the whole story. The first is though not mentioned by name, but watching Icewind's warrior ceremony with shadowed eyes and a concerned expression on her face.Next, she accepts Clawstar's offer of mates, and is soon after spied in the nursery with a plump belly.

Dark Moon Edit

Dawnmist and Clawstar are having a quiet conversation, and she is worried about Icewind's disappearance, along with the three other warriors: Rainfoot, Shadowcloud, and Crowtooth.

Blood SkyEdit

Dawnmist doesn't appear in the book, but she is listed in the allegiances as a queen expecting Clawstar's kits.


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