Dawnstar is described as a glossy black she-cat with bright yellow eyes and thin fur. Her paws are small and delicate, while her body is lean and compact with the hardness that comes from being a warrior. However, Dawnstar's eyes are old because of the fact she watched her whole clan be destroyed.


Sire: Snowclaw (thought to be dead)

Dame: ?? (deceased)

Siblings: Smokehaze, Dusktail (deceased)

Mate: Runningstream (deceased)

Kits: None


She was the leader of NightClan, and the deputy of the same clan under Marshstar until he died of blackcough just three moons after she became deputy. She had a mate at the time, Runningstream, and would never have any kits with him. Up until recently, Dawnstar was the leader, but now is a rogue living on her own and trying to survive the loneliness.

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