Deadstar is a scarred dark gray tom with clear green eyes.&nbsp


Sire: Ashstar (StarClan, before The Beckoning)

Dame: Pineflower (StarClan, before The Beckoning)

Sister(s): None

Brother(s): Sharpstream (Living, as of The Beckoning)


Dapplebelly (Rogue, as of The Beckoning)

Cedarfoot (Deceased, as of The Beckoning)

Mate(s): Lilyfrost (StarClan, Prior to The Beckoning)

Marigoldleaf (StarClan, Prior to The Beckoning)


Ferngaze (StarClan, as of The Beckoning)

Jazira (Rogue, as of The Beckoning)


Birchleaf (Living, as of The Beckoning)

Winter (Rogue, as of The Beckoning)

Puma (Rogue, as of The Beckoning)


Jaykit (Living, as of The Beckoning)

Torrentkit (Living, as of The Beckoning)

Foxkit (Living, as of The Beckoning)

Glow (Deceased, as of The Beckoning)

Rose (Deceased, Prior to The Beckoning)


Deadstar is first seen in The Beckoning in the prologue though nameless as a kit, recieving a prophesy as a young warrior. He is being spoken to by his father- Ashstar, and makes a few more appearances in the story. He is next seen on a patrol with his brother- Sharpstream. Then, at a Gathering when tensions start to run high between both DuskClan and DawnClan, and each accuses the other of prey stealing and battle threatens to break out before Sageclaw, the DuskClan medicine cat, makes everyone go home. He talks with Birchleaf and a few others about the prophesy that he recieved moons ago, and also reveals to Birchleaf (alone) that his second mate had turned rogue soon after having his three other kits, and that those three are Birchleaf and Ferngaze's half siblings. He also exiles Dapplebelly after she kills Hollowspirit.

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