Deernose is a brown tabby tom with green eyes.

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

BrookClan Edit

Deernose's mother, Willowmist, nursed Stormwing as a kit. They are close friends.

Later, he says that he loves Stormwing. The readers don't get to see her reaction until Cruelty.

Cruelty Edit

Stormwing isn't in love with Deernose. He is highly upset by this, becoming increasingly cold towards her. He also seems to have a strong dislike for Goldenfrost.

He tells Stormwing to go to a place which turns out to be the rogue hideout where Mothflower, Rosestream, Badgerkit, and Larkkit are being held.

He becomes Applepaw's mentor.

Mistake Edit

He becomes Rosestream's mate, upsetting Stormwing. She knows that he is using her to make him jealous.

He betrays the Clan, attacking Longstar and taking one of her lives.

Rosestream has his kits - Honeykit, Fawnkit, and Sandkit.

Down a Dark Path Edit

His kits are apprentices. They don't seem to know about him.

He appears spying on Reedkit, Briarkit, Mothkit, and Hailkit after they are captured.

Longstar's Nine Lives Edit

He is mentioned as an apprentice while his mother gives Longstar one of her nine lives.

Family Edit

Mother: Willowmist - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Adoptive Sister: Stormwing - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Former Mate: Rosestream - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Kits Edit

Honeypaw - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Fawnpaw - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Sandpaw - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Trivia Edit

  • He originally wasn't going to be evil, or even exist.

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