WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Dreamcatcher Is a black with white paws and muzzle and brown eyes.

History Edit

In the Wildness Series Edit

The Secrets

She along with her sister Wishshine are born to Angelwing and are givin to Stonetail, she also takes part in the dog attack and she hides behind the bush. When they come back she and the others become apprentices her mentor is Whitewing. She is seen at the gathering by Wishpaw watching the leaders. She becomes a warrior some time in this book and soothes Darkscar when Wishshine takes Raintail as a mate. At the end of the book Darkscar and her become mates and she is seen smiling with Darkscar when Wishshine tells them she is going to have kits.

Tree Edit

       |        |           |
   Spiderweb Runningfeet  Angelwing---------Firebird
                                |              |
               Darkscar----Dreamcatcher    Wishshine-----Raintail

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