WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Driftkit is a fluffy, dark gray tabby tom with a white underbelly, chest, paws, and tail tip, with bright green eyes.


Mother: Flightstream

Father: Stripestorm

Siblings: Foxpaw, Brightkit

One of the ThreeEdit

Drifting SteadilyEdit

Driftkit, Foxkit, and Brightkit are the main characters in the story. Driftkit has the bigger point of view than any of his siblings, though, refering to the fact that his name is in the title.

They live a normal life of a kit.

He is seen as the, sort of leader of his sister and brother, scolding Brightkit of being too good of a friend with Owlpaw. He and Foxkit love to play with the elders.

Then there is a big fire, giant oaks and other trees being weakened. Driftkit witnesses his mother and father die of a falling tree, and when his siblings come to join him, Sparkleheart (who was nearby) accidentally mutters, "The two must be so sad, being their kits!". Driftkit hears it, and is confused. Sparkleheart just said "two", while Flightstream and Stripestorm had three kits. But when he was about to ask her, she also died, trapped in a circle of flames.

The clan, disembled, is ashened and confused and gathers. It is realised that, along with Flightstream, Stripestorm, and Sparkleheart, Mosspaw and Toadstar (Lost a life) died. Toadstar needs to heal, and Buzzardheart, the deputy, takes over. He proves to be an awesome deputy.

Driftkit and his siblings then are mentored. His mentor is Toadstar, and he is jealous of Brightkit, who gets Buzzardheart. The story ends when he reluctantly goes out with his mentor and leader to a tour of Shoneclan territory.

Snarling RedEdit

Driftpaw and Toadstar are second on the scene to Buzzardstorm and Brightpaw's find to the cause of the fire- twoleg camp.

He is shown play-fighting with Frostkit a lot.

Driftpaw doesn't attend the ShoneClan-SlopeClan fight.

He is the most minor character of the three in this book, Foxpaw being the first.

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