Dusknose is a dusky, dark ginger-brown she-cat with a white leg splash.


Apprentice: Billowheart

First's TimeEdit

When Evening first joined the clan, Dusknose hisses menacing at her as she approaches. But Evening didn't even spare her a glance, and that angered Dusknose, saying "That stupid little kittypet should take that honor to look, slave, to a warrior. They are inferior, those idiot twoleg furballs of fat!" But of couse, she doesn't care what-so-ever to Dusknose's snaps. But inside, though Dusknose doesn't know it, as Evening didn't want to give her the enjoyment of knowing, she felt scared and depressed by her taunts.

Dusknose tries her best to stay as far as she can from Evening, now Eveningpaw.

When at a border patrol fight gets rough, Parsleyfrost, her mate, is killed. She tries to kill the Barrenclan warrior that killed him, but Eveningpaw knocks into her before she could deliver the killing blow. Of couse, that just made their relationship much MORE rockity. In fact, she tried to kill Eveningpaw in blind rage when the fight was continuing. Being blundered by her own craziness, Eveningpaw was able to dodge her ever move until she tripped her, sending Dusknose to the floor. The border right ended from their fight, as Dusknose was becoming more and more gruesome.


"Ew! Get that stinky idiot of fur OUT of here! You stink like twolegs!"

"Oh, and decaying carcasses and dung appeals to you in what way?"

-- Dusknose and Eveningswift

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