Eagleclaw is a black tom with unusal sharp claws and amber eyes.

Eagleclaw's historyEdit

Ealgeclaw was born with is brother and sister, Cricketleap and Poppyflight in a battle. Sadly his father, Barkstripe, died in this battle. As he became an apprentice with his brother and sister, the other cats picked on him because he was the smallest of them all. But as the moons went on he grew into one of the biggest apprentices and grew claws as sharp as an eagle's. Eagleclaw became a warrior along with is siblings and also got a mate, Silvermoon. They had two kits called Greenpaw and Cinderpaw. Soon after Springclan's leader died and Springstar came into power. Springstar chose Eagleclaw as deputy and now he is a proud father and soon to be leader.



Father: Barkstripe

Mother: Nightfall

Sister: Poppyflight

Brother: Cricketleap

Mate: Silvermoon

Kits: Cinderpaw & Greenpaw


|		Barkstripe - - - Nightfall		
	     |               |               |
        Poppyflight     Cricketleap	 Eagleclaw - - - Silvermoon
					      |               |
				          Cinderpaw       Greenpaw

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