Eaglestar is a grey tabby she cat with dark blue eyes and a fluffy tail. She is kinda insane and has ungroomed fur and a scarred muzzel.

Eaglestar and her sister Streamheart were born to Rainspeckle and Liongrowl of Tree clan. Eaglestar trained hard as an apprentice and earned her warrior name Eagleflight.She loved two cats. Runningleap and Lightningblaze. She appointed Lightningblaze and soon she had to send him away because he found out she liked runningleap. Lightningblaze had a kit Whitefure with eaglestar and when he trapped her in a fire she yowled at him about Whitefire But lightningblaze leapt and her anyway. She was pushed twoards insanity and when lightningblaze ran away she went with Runningleap. She killed her friend Coalpelt and coalpelt's mate leapfoot.When she Killed cherryfur thats when she went insane.


Eaglestar is kinda insane. she didn't mean to but killed Coalpelt and Leapfoot. She also killed Cherryfur and thats what made her insane.She sees alot of people as tratiors but keep calm enough to see her kittypet freinds Sweety, Bananas, and Mario.

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