This page is for members of earthclan. If you want to talk to a member of Earthclan then do it on their page or on the Discussion and if you want to join Earthclan contact me Here.

History Edit

Earth clan is like

Members Edit

Leader: Gingerstar a pale ginge she-cat with Bright green eyes

Deputy: Runningfur a short furred black tom with a long tail, muzzle and legs.  Apprentice: Shimmerpaw

Medicine cat: Spottedtail a cream and brown she-cat with spots al over her tail.

Warriors: Blackheart a white tom wth a black chest and blue eyes.

Ratfur a grey and brown spotted tom with amber eyes.

Mousefoot a dark brown tom with 1 pale brown paw and tail tip. (Me! Pebbleshine) 

Woodstripe a white she-cat with grey on her head and back with a brown stripe running from her head to her tail.

Bluefeather a white she-cat with blue-grey stripes.

Yellowflower a ginger and white tabby with amber eyes.

Snakeclaw a brown tabby tom with razer sharp claws and blue eyes. Apprentice: Sweetpaw

Sunheart a yellow she-cat with black and white spots and amber eyes.

Dirtfoot a silver she-cat with mud-brown paws, ears, tail and muzzle.

Mudears a redish-brown tom with a brown head helmet.

Wildtail a white, brown and black she-cat with a really fluffy tail

Goldenfur a golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice: Rabbitpaw

Seedfur a brown tom with grey spots and silver eyes. Apprentice: Dirtpaw

Waterheart a blue-grey tom with faint black stripes.

Leaftips a ginger she-cat with autumn leaf brown paws, tail, ears and muzzle.

Firerose a red she-cat with amber eyes.

Blazingheart a white tom with faint red stripes and a red chest and belly. 

Speckledwing a white she-cat with brown and black speckals on ecch side of the belly.  Apprentice: Birchpaw

Crysteleyes a black she-cat with silver eyes.

Senior Warriors: Featherpelt a silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Yellowtail a brown tom with a yellow tail.

Grasswhisker a pale grey tom with big green eyes.

Foxblaze a red she-cat with white muzzle and green eyes. Apprentice: Mosspaw

Bragerstripe a black tom with a white stripe from his nose to his tail and white paws. 

Queens: Featherstripe a silver she-cat with long fur and faint goloden stripes and green eyes.

Blossemwhisker a cream tabby she-cat with green eyes. 

Kits: Lightningkit a solid black tom with a yellow lightning print on neck. He's michevous and always gets into trouble but thats what makes the apprentices like him. (SpottedheadRC)

Maplekit is a caramel colored she-kit. She's kind and caring and wouldn't hurt a fly (though bees are another story).Parents: Blossemwhisker & Unknown tom. (SpottedheadRC)

Hollykit a 1 moon old Ginger and black spotted she-cat with amber eyes. Parents: Gingerstar & Blackheart. But She is being looked after by Featherstripe & Blossemwhisker.

Lark-kit a 1 moon old ginger tabby she-cat who is really shy with bright blue eyes.Parents: Gingerstar & Blackheart. But She is being looked after by Featherstripe & Blossemwhisker.

Apprentices: Dirtpaw a Mud-brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Birchpaw a black and brown spotted tom with amber eyes.

Sweetpaw a grey tabby she-cat with a black paw and tail tip.

Rabbitpaw a silver ang dark grey spotted tom with big amber eyes.

Mosspaw a cream she-cat with brillant moss green eyes.  

Elders: -----

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