Earthtail is a brown tom with a white muzzle and stomach with amber eyes.

Earthtail's History Edit

Earthtail was born in a litter of six but his only sister that survived was Morningrose. His mother also died the same illness as his siblings and Earthtail & Morningrose was given to Nightfall to be fostered. Earthtail was one of the mean, boastful apprentices that made fun of Eagleclaw and Cricketleap and was one of the apprentices that was jealous of Poppyflight become a warrior before him. Earthtail still can be mean but does have a heart. Has a crush on Appleheart even though she is way younger than him.



Mother: Woodshimmer

Sisters: Morningrose, Brownkit and Gingerkit.

Brothers: Mudkit and Squirrelkit.


|		Woodshimmer - - - Unknown tom
        |	   |	      |          |         |	     |
   Earthtail  Morningrose  Brownkit  Gingerkit   Mudkit  Squirrelkit

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