Emberpool is a beautiful, graceful, solid bright orange she-cat with amber eyes, white paws, and a broad face that narrows toward the muzzle

Family Edit

Mother- Unknown

Father- Unknown

Siblings- Unknown

Mate- Dewfrost deceased, suspected StarClan member

Daughter- Hawkfire living as of Changing Seasons

Son- Sunblaze living as of Changing Seasons

Granddaughter- Fawnwhisker living as of Changing Seasons

Grandsons- Pebblestream Status Unknown,

Stormkit deceased, verified StarClan member

Son-in-law- Eagleheart deceased, verified StarClan member

Education Edit

Mentor: Branchstar - deceased, verified StarClan member

Apprentice(s) : Unknown

Emberpool's Biography Edit

Emberpool gave birth to Hawkfire and Sunblaze with Dewfrost. She is a minor character. She dies shortly after kitting due to a accident with a Twoleg monster.