Fawnwhisker is a slender dark red-brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and paws, and amber eyes

Education Edit

Mentor- Viperfang

Apprentice- Buzzardpaw, Icepaw

Family Edit

Mother- Hawkfire

Father- Eagleheart

Brothers- Pebblestream


Mate- Scarface

Fawnwhisker's biography Edit

Born to Hawkfire and Eagleheart, along with her two brothers, Fawnkit was strong and healthy. Soon Viperfang agrees to take her as his apprentice. She nearly drowns when she tried to save Rainpaw in the Serpant River flood, but her father saves her life. She, very shortly after the incident, becomes known as Fawnwhisker. She took a big role in the fight with Sprock and his rogues. She is deeply grieved to find many cats dead, including her father, Eagleheart. Soon after she realizes that the prisoner, Scar was kind, thoughtful, and never meant to be any harm, and she falls in love with the handsome tom. Soon after, Scarface is accepted by the Clan and given his warrior name. She goes hunting with him and sometime after, they become mates. Hawkfire is shocked to find out that her daughter was expecting this outsider's kits, and follows Scarface to find out what he was doing that made her daughter love him. She finds out that this tom was also mates with a kittypet named Blossom. Hawkfire tells Branchstar and Fawnwhisker about this incident. Branchstar is furious and decides to exile the traitor, for betraying his Clan for a kittypet. Fawnwhisker is shocked and angry and votes against Scarface when he was asked to be voted from the Clan. Soon after the exile, Fawnwhisker has her kits in Changing Seasons. She names them Hazelkit, Finchkit, and Flamekit. She nurses the kits until they become apprentices.

In The Quest of the Lost Clans, Fawnwhisker is scarcly mentioned and only to be seen begging Hawkstar and Mallowleaf not to go. Her kits become warriors when the two journeying cats are gone. She has her second litter of kits when Hawkstar and Mallowleaf return to the Clan.