Featherfall is a silver she-cat with gray splotches, a scar down her front left leg, and pale-blue eyes. She is the deputy of WingClan.

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

History Edit

In the Story of WingClan SeriesEdit

Book 1:Storm DaysEdit

Prior to Storm Days, Featherkit and her two sisters, Wingkit and Silverkit, have been abandonded by their parents. They found the cave that WingClan lives in, and started their home their. Their father, Talonclaw, mentored them in their dreams. They soon met up with Flarekit, Gingerkit, and Firekit, who joined their Clan. They all gave themselves apprentice names, and then they found two kits named Icekit and Sunkit.
Featherpaw is soon named Featherfall, the deputy of WingClan. Featherfall is mentor to Leafpaw, as well as sharing the responsibility of being Sunpaw's mentor.

Book 2:SpottedEdit

During the flood of the WingClan camp, Featherfall does her best to rescue Brownpaw out of the river, but Brownpaw wasn't strong enough and couldn't pull through.

Book 3:Ice WingEdit

Her sister, Silverwing, is taken away by a Twoleg and never seen again. Later, on a hunting patrol with Fireflash, Owltail, Creamclaw, and Dapplepaw, she got frustrated as another monster goes up to them, and Featherfall stood on the Thunderpath. Too late, she realized that she was going to get hit and started to run to safety, but she was horribly hit by the monster, and landed on the ground with a thud. Owltail took her body off of the Thunderpath so that they could take it back to camp.
Her body is later brought to the WingClan camp.

Family Edit

Mother: Lilyfrost

Father: Talonclaw

Sisters: Wingfrost and Silverwing

Mentor: Talonclaw

Apprentices: Leafburn

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