Name: Feralclaw

Gender: She-Cat


Age: 27 Moons (2 Years and 3 months old)

Rank: Warrior

Mother:Sagefoot of WindClan

Father: Thrushclaw of ThunderClan

Brother: Blackpelt

Mate: Sol

Daughters: Nightstorm, Northwind,Spiritpool

Appearance Edit

Dark Gray She-Cat with Silver Paws and Ears with 'V' shaped nick in her left ear,a scar over her right eye,scar over her shoulder with Yellow Eyes.

Personality Edit

Feralclaw is known for her kindness. She is also half WindClan. She is a sacrificial and does what she believes is right. She is a very patient cat and is patient with kits,apprentices,and elders. So because of that she is a well respected cat in her clan.

History Edit

Her mother's name is Sagefoot and her father is from ThunderClan and his name is Thrushclaw. She never knew that the ThunderClan Warrior, Blackpelt was her brother. But ofter than that she was a great apprentice, she learned things quickly as a matter a fact. She saved her leader Onestar in a battle with ShadowClan. Onestar repayed her by giving her warrior name, Feralclaw. Feralpaw now Feralclaw was a proud young cat. One day she met a loner named Sol in the woods. They met at moonhigh every night. A few moons later she found out that she was half-ThunderClan. She was shocked to find out that her and her brother's birth was against the Warrior Code. Soon she found out that she was expecting Sol's kits. No cat from her clan stood out as the father of her kits. She had 3 kits and named the three Spiritkit,Northkit,and Nightkit. Her Kits are now warriors with the names of Nightstorm,Northwind, and Spiritpool who is Medicine Cat of WindClan. She remains proud to this very day.

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