Ferretfang is a ginger tom with tabby legs & tail and dull green eyes.

Ferretfang's HistoryEdit

Ferretfang was born with his siter, Springstar, to the Leader of Springclan, Greenstar. Ask he grew older other apprentices liked him because he was fun to be around. Ferretfang didn't talk to his sister because all the warriors thought she was better that him and that their father liked Springstar better. As a warrior the other warriors (who were the apprentices) started to like his sister and this made Ferretfang mad. When Ferretfang found out that Springstar was carring kits he desided to kill the father, Snakeheart. They had 2 kits called Appleheart and Gingerkit. When his father (The leader) died Specaledback became leader, he chose Springstar because it was her fathers last request but this made Ferretfang even mader. So in a battle with Summerclan he killed Snakeheart but he was so mad at their leader, Specalestar, and killed him aswel. Now Ferretfang lives misrably in Springclan with a dark secret that the clan doesn't know about.



Father: Greenstar (Deseased)

Sister: Springstar

Neice: Appleheart

Nephew: Gingerkit (Deseased)


|      Greenstar - - - Unknown she-cat
            |             |
        Ferretfang    Springstar - - - Snakeheart
                             |             |
                         Appleheart     Gingerkit

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