Flamekit is a beautiful, mottled bright orange she-cat with a white muzzle, a striped tail, and delicate white paws. She becomes Flamefeather in The Quest for the Lost Clans.

Education Edit

Mentor- Mallowleaf

Family Edit

Mother- Fawnwhisker

Father- Scarface Status Unknown

Sister- Hazelkit

Brother- Finchkit

Grandmother- Hawkfire

Grandfather- Eagleheart Deceased, verified StarClan member

Uncle- Pebblestream

Flamefeather's biography Edit

Flamekit is born to Fawnwhisker and Scarface after he is exiled. She is shown to have a good memory for herbs, and is very interested in medicene cat duties, so she became the apprentice of Mallowleaf after Sunblaze retires to a elder. She earns her name during The Quest for the Lost Clans.

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