Flameheart is a main character in the fic Fire, Ice, and Some Other Flying Thing.


Flameheart is a ginger she-cat with a flame-colored pelt and green eyes.


Fire, Ice, and Some Other Flying Thing, ThunderClan


Kit, Flamekit

Apprentice, Flamepaw

Warrior, Flameheart

Book AppearanceEdit

Flameheart is introduced as Flamekit when Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw name her along with Frostflight (Hawkkit) and Hawkfeather (Hawkkit). After Squirrelflight makes a comment about the kits growing up to be wise, lightning strikes Daisy. Flamekit is seen next sleeping in a tree.


Flameheart's mentor was Ashfur when she was an apprentice. Flameheart never disappointed her mentor. Every time they went hunting, Flameheart came back with prey. Often, she caught rabbits and plump voles. Once, Flameheart overheard Ashfur talking about how she could catch prey better than her mentor!


Mother - Squirrelflight

Father - Brambleclaw

Brothers - None

Sisters - Frostflight, Hawkfeather

Aunts - Leafpool, Tawnypelt

Uncles - none

Half-Aunts - Mothwing

Half-Uncles - Hawkfrost, Tadpole

Grandmothers - Goldenflower, Sandstorm Grandfathers - Tigerstar, Firestar


  • The real Flameheart is a ginger.
  • Flameheart looks exactly like Firestar.

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