Fogshade is a character in the fanfiction RainClans' Beginning.


Fogshade is a large black she-cat with one black paw and amber eyes.


RainClan's Beginning, Rouge

RainClan's Beginning, RainClan


Rouge, Mara

Apprentice, Fogpaw

Warrior, Fogshade

Book AppearancesEdit

Fogshade is first seen fighting with Acornfoot over a peice of prey. Rainstar steps in and has a brief conversation with Fogshade before she goes off to catch more prey.

More coming soon!


Mentor - Rainstar


Mother - Unknown

Father - Unknown

Brothers - Unknown

Sisters - Unknown

Mate - Coming soon!

Kits - Coming soon!


Fogshade was original going to be a 'bad guy' - stalking the Clan and attacking the members. Sparrowfeather discarded this idea pretty quickly.

After the above, Sparrowfeather wanted to name Fogshade Nightbreeze.

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