Forestpaw is a fluffy, dark brown tabby tom with dark amber eyes, and black stripes. His warrior name will be Forestheart

Family Edit

Mother: Hawkstar

Father: Mapleclaw

Brother: Branchpaw

Sister: Rubypaw

Older brother: Stormclaw

Sister-in-law: Hiddensun

Cousins: Spiderkit



Forestheart's biography Edit

Forestkit was born to Hawkstar and Mapleclaw in FeatherClans, along with Branchkit and Rubykit. The kits had great fun playing in the ice and snow. One day, as Forestkit was playing with Foggykit, he admitted that he had a crush on her. She told him the same thing. Forestkit was greatly pleased.

Forestkit was climbing a tree with Jadekit and Spiderkit, his new cousins born to Hiddensun, and slipped. Jadekit though managed to save him. He tried climbing again, and this time, a squirrel scared him and he fell to the ground. He wasn't badly hurt, because he landed on his haunches. Hawkstar, his mother, decided to make him, Branchkit, and Cherrykit apprentices. His mentor is his own father, Mapleclaw.

Forestpaw played by the Willow River in DoveClan territory. He saw Cherrypaw and admitted he loved her, but then Foggypaw walked in and found out. He admitted he liked both of the she-cats. They went and talked by the Golden River in SparrowClan territory. He confessed that he liked Foggypaw better then Cherrypaw. Cherrypaw told him that she liked Branchpaw, his brother, and that she really never had feelings for him. Forestpaw understood and he and Foggypaw became closer friends.

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