WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Foxstar a ginger tom with markings like a fox with deep blue eyes.

Personality Edit

When foxstar was a new leader he was very lively and Happy. But thought out the years it started to fade until his kits were born. Firepaw and Blizzeredpaw. Then he started to avoid cats that would ask him questions like Fallenleafs and Gingerwave. But when his kits became apprentices he turned grumpy and very stubborn. But when his mate died he was not sad but there was joy in his eyes.

Education Edit



Lives Edit

1. Thrushdash - Protection

2. Toadheart - Loylty

3. Silverstar - Quick thinking

4. Sugerkit - Love

5. Cloverfleck - Bravery

6. Shadowedflame - Hope

7. Blueheart - Pride

8. Snakespot - humor

9. Heavynight - faith and the gift of mentoring 


Members Edit



Mate: Whiteblizzard

Kits:Firepaw, Blizzeredpaw

Brother: Gingerwave

Tree Edit


Thrushdash- - - -Crowfoot

   |                             |
Gingerwave - - - Smugepelt      Foxstar - - - Whiteblizzered
                                |           |             |
                             Firepaw     Sugarkit     Blizzeredpaw

Spoilers end here.

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